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SAN. ve TİC. A.Ş.


Some of our founding partners; They have been in the mechanical installation sector since 1950. In the sector, Ar Ticaret in 1973 and Armak San. Mak. Inc. They continue their services with their companies and continue their activities in the Mechanical Installation Sector such as Purchase-Sale, Plan-Project and Mechanical Commitment. Our other founders are; Since 1996, he has provided solutions with optical reader manufacturing and software supporting these systems within Erciyes University Technopark. Bringing together the mechanical and electronics industry that our developing world needs, FNF Teknoloji SAN. TIC. Inc. Since 2014, it has been producing and maintaining innovations such as calorimeter, water meter manufacturing and remote reading systems.


Aiming at customer satisfaction; With a modern, dynamic, rational and modern approach, by creating the infrastructure that can always provide quality products and services to its customers, on time, by following the technological developments, and by designing modern products by designing modern products, by emphasizing its dynamism in the management and management of conscious and trained personnel. With the motivation and concentration appropriate to the competitive structure required by the era, it continues to work with the team spirit within the logic of continuous improvement.